Southern Nevada Women's History Project is a non-profit educational organization committed to recognizing the diverse and significant accomplishments of Nevada women, by providing information, educational materials and programs to the general public.
  Women have served their country in every conceivable capacity, yet according to the Library of Congress, their significance in history was largely overlooked until the 1970's.  Our mission is to document, biographically, the valuable contributions of Nevada women to their state and their country.
  Our meetings are held four times a year during the months of September, January, March and May.
  At these casual luncheon meetings, which are held in restaurants around the valley, we present speakers on topics relative to our mission statement.
  A special festive holiday tea is held in the month of December.

President: Hon. Dianne Steel
1st Vice-President: Lois Evora
2nd Vice-President: Dora Ivanov
Recording Secretary: Hon. Gayle Nathan
Corresponding Secretary: ______________
Treasurer: Nancy Zangl
Past President: Nancy Zangl

Next Luncheon September 20th, 2014
Speaker: Kathleen Close
See Bio on page 4 of Newsletter
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